As an affiliate this is based on my experiences.

They steal traffic!!!!!!


They don’t pay on time and never pay you.( They will told some bla bla bla reason why will they delay payment or not pay you)


They steal commissions ( tested with 2 accounts same traffic source with atleast 3k clicks..another accounts got 10 sales on first 400 clicks and the succeding traffic is doesn’t create any sales. While the seconds even I got 3k clicks I only got zero sales!!!) Traffic is very targeted.


Sucks support team!!! They even not respect you even you promote theirs products! They are no manners on giving opinions. They are fuck!!


Delay stats like clickbank..atleast clickbank pay on time.


As a vendor:

Cross selling fails!! So if you have a product with upsell stay away from plimus or better not try them its a waste of time..since cookies fails always.


They don’t pay on time again or never pay you for bla bla bla reason. Like incomplete website..funny right? but they allow clone website with copyright and shits products like survey, lotto book and many more.


They treat your customer like shit! I got an email from my customer for plimus bad manners! He is asking for just product receipt..Very very bad support from them..especially to JOE!!! Plimus used “Joe” as their support representative name.


They are fraud! They steal customer money. I got another email from my customer for refund request and plimus told him he is already refunded but plimus did customer even showed a bank statement on teamviewer about that. They are really fraud and steal customer money!


They have called “Unclosed sales” that sales will never realize but they plimus still got the money but not refunding the customer. Unclosed sales are already charged on customer credit card. Again plimus is scam!



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